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Whether your water well is located near your house or your business, not having constant pressure can be pretty annoying. There can be several reasons why your pressure has been reduced. It can be due to inadequate pipelines or older systems.

In this case, installing a constant water pressure system can be quite helpful. Here's a bit on what a pressure system is and why you need to install it.

The Setup

Here, we will discuss installing a relatively high-end setup that could serve a large house that requires more water than an average household.

In such cases, well equipment of a constant pressure system is usually placed inside a tube of up to two feet in diameter that holds a pressure tank. As the demand for water increases, the pump in the casing 200 feet down, starts to ramp up in frequency and comes up to as high as 60Hz. It will spin to build and maintain the pressure required to meet the water demand and then run continuously with the variable frequency drive.

The variable frequency drive will have a controller that could be adjusted according to your requirement. These units will have a display to help you monitor the pressure readings. Pressure settings can vary according to the usage and size of the household where such a system is installed. For instance, standard size households with constant water pressure systems in their basements will normally require a setting of 50 PSI. However, if you're going to be using a lot of faucets and many fixtures at your home, you might require a higher pressure setting.

Let’s assume your requirement to be larger than a regular household where the system needs to be set at seventy pounds. According to your setting, it'll constantly maintain that pressure. Such setups will produce up to 18 gallons a minute of continuous flow at an inch and a quarter a diameter pipe output at 70 pounds. It is quite a bit of water. Probably way more than you'd need for a regular home.

As for the power requirements, the system will be connected to the same power supply as the home that runs on a 220-volt system. The max draw would be at 12A, which might call for a double 20 amp breaker at the supply.

Furthermore, you will have a unique ID tag for each system. The Department of the Environment requires that to let you know that your water well has been tested and certified ready for use as potable water.

You will also have a regular switch-type area that’s been inspected. You always have to have all your electrical equipment inspected after installation.


Let’s talk about the benefits of a constant pressure system. Firstly, you should have no problem maintaining a frost-free design during wintertime, especially if you’re setting up in areas where the frost line is only about 18 inches down. So maintaining frost-free protection won’t cost you.

Next on, the electricity demand is a little bit lower for this system. Thanks to its variable frequency drive, a three-phase motor with a normal pump. You'll use less electricity to run that pump as it only runs on demand. So this translates to lower amounts of amperage. i.e., lower amounts of kilowatts, and if you do the power conversion, you will find that you’re running less load on the system with this type of setup.

Finally, the main benefit of this system is that it will perfectly serve the water supply requirements of big houses. For instance, for houses with six bedrooms, five or six bathrooms, and a big kitchen with lots of appliances and water appliance loads, you want to prepare for the people in the house to be able to shower simultaneously without worrying about running out of water. Water pressure systems that require to be set at a minimum of 70 PSI allow you to do that.

To Summarize

Needless to say, a constant pressure system is a must for homes looking for an uninterrupted water flow and pressure, especially for the larger homes that have five or six bathrooms.

So that sums up what a constant water pressure system is, its costs, and direct benefits. It’s highly recommended that you hire a reliable local well drilling company with a great track record.